Here are some resources to help you learn more about LIA's development model and the areas where we serve.

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Giving Our Best

In all that we do, we seek to serve the most vulnerable families in Africa and the Caribbean. We believe that they deserve our best and we are committed to giving our best to them every day. In order to do so, we strictly adhere to the following principles at every level of the organization.


Jesus modeled Love, Grace and Justice perfectly. We seek to follow His example and serve the world’s most vulnerable people, regardless of their religion, gender or culture.

In everything we do, we humbly seek God’s guidance. This ministry is His and we are the stewards of His resources. We are committed to going where He calls.

Beyond Relief

True transformation only comes when sustainable solutions are implemented. LIA approaches each community with a long-term vision – one that will enable church partners to meet the urgent needs of a community, but will also empower the community for the future.

Mobilize the Church

God called the Church to carry out His vision of restoration. LIA mobilizes the local Church so that it may put that vision into action and restore its community spiritually and physically from within.

Developing Local Leadership

LIA works to develop Church and civic leaders who are invested in their communities. Local ownership and initiation is key to developing a community for the long-term. This aspect is pervasive throughout the organization as LIA’s leadership is reflective of the countries and regions it serves.

Health, Hope and Lasting Transformation

Poverty is a complex issue that requires integrated solutions. It cannot be solved simply. LIA is committed to helping communities identify the root causes of poverty in their context and equipping them to address those issues in an integrated, customized way that offers health, hope and lasting transformation.


LIA walks with its local Church partners to restore complete community health. We firmly believe that by empowering the communities to participate in the solution, the individuals begin to recognize their God-given dignity and self-worth.