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LIA-US Team Memo

February 23rd, 2016 | Posted by | Home Page | Leadership | LIA News | USA

We are overjoyed and humbled at what God has accomplished through the work of Life in Abundance (LIA) the past few decades. We have high hopes and eager expectations for what the Lord will bring to fruition as we continue to put our hand to the plow the coming seasons. As we deepen our impact within the countries we serve, strengthen and grow our partnerships and finish our 2014 – 2016 strategic plan, we approach the Father’s throne with boldness, confident that He will provide exceedingly and abundantly what we ask according to His will – to God be the glory.

As with any ministry, we have teams in place with talented and impassioned people that support the work that we are called to do. We are incredibly grateful for each sibling of the Kingdom that makes up our diverse and unified family.

We want to take this time to introduce our LIA-US Team, whose home base is established in Louisville, Kentucky. Our LIA-US Team holds a place near and dear to our heart and plays a critical role within the ministry of LIA. We took the time to interview each team member and asked them to explain their role within LIA, what aspect of the model and mission resonates most with them and what they look forward to in the days ahead.

Join us as we celebrate these family members and pray the Lord would bestow His favor and blessing on their families and give them clarity and vision in the roles they serve within Life in Abundance.



Carley Buckingham | Executive Director

(1) What’s your role on the LIA-US team?

Leading and shepherding our LIA-US team. Our role in serving the whole consist of walking with the partners the Lord has gifted us; individuals, Churches & Foundations, telling the real-time-story of LIA, advocating, walking with folks who say “Yes Lord” to partnering with us in Short Term Mission opportunities. It’s joy, pure joy to advance alongside our LIA-US team.

(2) What about the mission and model do you most resonate with?

I love the local church, I honor and hold high the way the Trinity imagined the local church to lead, shepherd, serve, restore, heal, encourage, enrich communities – LIA holds high this picture of the local church, her role in a community, believing we don’t need to reinvent systems and structures to restore communities – the Father has already designed it LIA simply chooses to partner with His original design. It’s beautiful, just stunning when you really see this at work for the first time – I remember walking the roads of Kisumu, Kenya when this “clicked” for me – I stopped in my tracks…”this works, this really works, this is His design…”

(3) As you look to the days ahead, what are you most excited about?

I’m excited about the deeper work. LIA has spent it’s initial 25 years establishing the work – in the years ahead it’s time to deepen the work, to lean into the countries/territories the Lord has gifted us and pick up the plow in new communities. For example, in one country we may be active in 3-5 communities, I dream of the days we’ll be active in 30-40 communities. In fact, we have communities who are “in waiting” who have learned of our work and have requested we come to their community and walk with them. As the Lord grows & strengthens partnerships, would we continue to steward well His resources and advance His work in the communities He calls us to.



Amy Walker | Church & Missions Engagement Director

(1) What’s your role on the LIA-US team?

In this role, I have the honor of engaging with our church and para-church partners—cultivating & strengthening existing partnerships and cultivating new relationships.

(2) What about the mission and model do you most resonate with?

LIA has had a huge influence on my perspective of the local church’s role in the community regardless of where you are in the world. I love that every LIA project is implemented through the local church and this positions the church to be the light and hope in a community and promotes unity in the body of Christ.

(3) As you look to the days ahead, what are you most excited about?

First, I have the honor of spending the next few weeks traveling with Dr. Florence to visit different partners throughout the country.  I am excited to personally meet some of our church partners and to learn from Dr. Florence how to cultivate LIA’s relationships. Second, I love the people that the Lord has brought to the LIA-US team and I’m excited to see how He grows the capacity of the ministry.


Jay Muindi

Jay Muindi | Advancement Director

(1)What’s your role on the LIA-US team?

My role is to ensure that we do a good job stewarding the wonderful relationships and partnerships the Lord has brought our way. Part of my role is to strategically develop ways to engage with our foundation partners, donors or anyone interested in walking with us in service of the poor and vulnerable in the communities we serve.

(2) What about the mission and model do you most resonate with?

LIA works to ensure that communities are self sufficient through “wholistic” development. Meaning we not only work to address the physical/material needs of a person or community (food, water, shelter etc.), but we also seek to affect the spirit and the mind, meeting the needs of the whole person. For it is in the wholistic transformation of a person that we believe people truly find dignity and purpose. I see this as the embodiment of Isaiah 61, and that resonates with me.

(3) As you look to the days ahead, what are you most excited about?

I am most excited to see what relationships God brings our way this year as we work to address the needs of the poor and vulnerable around the world. Already, within the first two months, we have made amazing connections in Sicily as the LIA model is being used to address the refugee crisis and in Burundi, a country that is in a very difficult spot at the moment. In line with our 2014-2016 Strategic Plan, we will also be starting programs in Burundi, Uganda and DR Congo as well as expanding our partnership operations in Europe.


Jordan with orphans

Jordan McGuire | Short Term Missions Coordinator

(1) What’s your role on the LIA-US team?

I coordinate with our church and para-church partners to go on short-term trips to see and participate in our work on the field.

(2) What about the mission and model do you most resonate with?

I resonate the most with how the LIA model focuses on the whole person. To focus simply on the material aspect of development or to focus simply on the spiritual aspect of the person, I think it can miss the whole of the gospel.  God is restoring people to right relationships with Him, where they find their dignity in Him, and can serve His Kingdom through sustaining themselves and helping to bring restoration to others.

(3) As you look to the days ahead, what are you most excited about?

I am excited to see teams return from their trips and apply what they learned to their own contexts, communities and cities.



Joy Peterson | Executive Assistant

(1) What’s your role on the LIA-US team?

I assist the US Executive Director with high-level projects as well as manage the daily tactical operations of the LIA-US Office.

(2) What about the mission and model do you most resonate with?

The transformational development model of LIA is a powerful framework for sustainable work rooted in the Gospel and empowered by the local church.  It is effective because it addresses the root causes of poverty while breaking cycles of dependency and restoring a person’s God-given dignity.

(3) As you look to the days ahead, what are you most excited about?

The hope of the Gospel is for all people. I’m excited to see this hope come to the refugees pouring into Sicily through pastors trained by LIA, and this same hope come to hard places like Rwanda and Bruindi as we move into the Lakes Region. Beyond all of this, I’m most excited to see prayer continue to be the foundation for all that we receive vision for and put our hand to.



Nicole Welty | Finance Manager

(1) What’s your role on the LIA-US team?

I am in charge of record keeping, reporting, and advising.

(2) What about the mission and model do you most resonate with?

I love that the model is set up to truly encourage growth. There is no plan to stay in a community long term, which helps the communities truly become self sufficient and real change to occur.

(3) As you look to the days ahead, what are you most excited about?

I am truly excited about the financial position of LIA. The new financial processes are healthy and I cannot wait to see how God will continue to bless LIA.


Steven and Amy

Steven Walker | Communications Director

(1) What’s your role on the LIA-US team?

I am commissioned to tell the story of God’s work through Life in Abundance. I oversee all communication pieces i.e. website, social media platforms, print and digital marketing materials.

 (2) What about the mission and model do you most resonate with?

At the heart of sustainable transformational development is the testimony of God’s grace in my life. He is the God that sustains me (Psalm 54:4), transforms me (Romans 12:2) and equips me (Hebrews 13:21) to glorify His name and testify to His goodness. As we serve the poor and the vulnerable (Galatians 2:10), we declare His glory among the nations, His marvelous deeds among all peoples. (Psalm 96:3). The model and mission of LIA is essentially the mission of Jesus. We are transformed from within and then disciple our neighbors while impacting the community around us. The model just works.

 (3) As you look to the days ahead, what are you most excited about?

I give God praise for allowing me to be a part of this ministry. He is beyond imagination. I look forward to the impact the training centers will have on leadership teams as they are equipped to bring sustainable transformation to their communities. I also look forward to visiting Africa and seeing the work of LIA first hand. It will be glorious! My prayer for this year would be, as it reads in 2 Corinthians 3:18, we with unveiled faces would contemplate the Lord’s glory and be transformed into His image with ever-increasing glory, which comes from the Lord.



Yonas Melesse | Grants & Compliance Manager

(1) What’s your role on the LIA-US team?

My role is proposing and managing grants from a variety of foundation, church and para-church organizations. I am responsible for researching grants, writing letters of intent, proposals and grant reports to donors.

(2) What about the mission and model do you most resonate with?

I have been inspired by LIA’s commitment and strategies in empowering the local church as a means to attain sustainable community transformation. When I was working as a Program Manager in LIA-Ethiopia Country Office, I noticed that the local churches that received training and support from LIA started community outreach activities that actually granted them acceptance and recognition in their communities, and of course opened doors for them to do evangelism freely – the core of their existence!

(3) As you look to the days ahead, what are you most excited about?

I am so excited that new partners are being added to our grant maker portfolio and LIA is currently strengthening its internal capacity to enhance fund-raising capabilities by improving its communications with partners and implementing impactful programs in countries where we operate.


Q&A with Joy Peterson; LIA’s new Executive Assistant

December 17th, 2015 | Posted by | LIA News | Uncategorized | USA

Joy Peterson joins LIA’s USA team to serve as our new Executive Assistant. We are so thrilled to have Joy as part of our US team and we asked her a few questions so that you may get to know a little more about what drew her to LIA.

Tell us about your calling and conviction to serve the Kingdom.  What were you doing before LIA?
The beauty of the gospel is in the power that saves us and also sustains us. Daily I’m reminded of the grace on my life. In that covering, I am learning to lay down my life for others.

Personally, my calling has never been attached to a vocation or even to a specific ministry, but is an overflow of my heart. As I’m being discipled and refined by the Trinity, I’m able to serve and walk with others. My heart has been broken for women whose only hope is Jesus. I love seeing how the gospel shapes lives and gives hope to our brokenness.

Before joining LIA, I served at Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, KY as the HR Administrative Assistant and Executive Assistant to the Lead Team Pastor of Operations.

What drew you to LIA?
While working at Southeast, I observed LIA through the Missions Ministry. I began learning how the transformational development model of LIA is a powerful framework for sustainable work rooted in the Gospel and empowered by the local church. I was excited for the opportunity to join in with the work being accomplished and help advance the kingdom through tactical support with the US team.

What are you most looking forward to in your role with LIA?
It’s humbling to step into a ministry with a long history of prayer, sacrifice and steadfastness in the Lord. I’m excited to serve with brothers and sisters across cultures and countries all united under the name of Jesus.

Joy & family

What do you do other than work on the operation side for LIA?
I am married to Eric, and we have the amazing privilege of raising three girls, Alexa (14), Kiera (10) and Avery (9). This season of life is full of transporting kids that have a far more exciting social calendar than I do.


Q&A with Jordan McGuire; LIA’s new Teams Coordinator

December 10th, 2015 | Posted by | LIA News | USA

Jordan McGuire joins LIA as our new Teams Coordinator and we asked her a few questions so that you may get to know a little more about what drew her to serve with LIA.

Mr. and Mrs. McGuire Jordan with her husband Matt

Tell us about your calling and conviction to serve the Kingdom.  What were you doing before LIA?

I grew up in the church and when I was in high school, I knew God was calling me to partner with Him in ministry. When I got married, ministry meant investing in the lives of middle schoolers alongside my husband as he was a Middle School pastor. It was during this time, that I went on a mission trip to the Czech Republic and I realized that God was calling me beyond the church walls and to be on mission with Him in reaching those who do not know Him. Because of that trip, I began working with the more vulnerable people in our city. It was through this time that my heart became drawn to helping the poor in a holistic way.

What drew you to LIA?

My husband had been on a few trips with LIA and he would come home and tell me about how much he had enjoyed them. It was when he returned from his training in Jamaica that I really came to love this ministry. I loved hearing about what he had learned because it had confirmed in my heart what the Lord was teaching me about community transformation and empowerment. This past February, we had the opportunity to lead a short-term trip to Kenya where we spent time in the Mathare slum. It was amazing to see the model of LIA implemented in such a poor area and how it was working to empower that community. I think one thing I love the most about Life in Abundance is that their model can be applied all over the world and I can even use it in my every day life as I engage with people in my own city.

image3Jordan at LIA’s Mathare Project in Nairobi, Kenya

What are you most looking forward to in your role with LIA?

 I am looking forward to partnering with churches as they get to experience our model and vision implemented on the field. It is my prayer that these trips are more than just a visit, but that it will impact how they live their every day lives as they engage their own context. I am excited to see teams return home and process through their trips, allowing the Spirit to transform their approaches to missions and to reaching the poor and vulnerable.

What do you do other than lead operations for LIA? 

My husband, Matt, and I are in Louisville, KY where we attend Southeast Christian Church. We are very involved in our community and have a heart for our city. We love getting to spend time with refugees and helping them assimilate into a new culture. We also spend time investing in the lives of students and adults at our church as we move forward on mission to love our neighbors and communities in the name of Jesus.

Welcome: Carley Buckingham – Director of Operations

April 13th, 2015 | Posted by | LIA News | Uncategorized | USA


Carley Buckingham joined the LIA team as the Director of Operations at the beginning of April.

She will be working closely with Tom Kemner. Carley is equipped with 15 years of finance, accounting, HR and leadership experience.

We asked Carley to share a bit about herself so you might get to know a bit more about her:

Tell us about your calling and conviction to serve the Kingdom. What were you doing before LIA?
I desire no other path than to serve the Kingdom vocationally, pastorally, and as I go daily. I met Jesus in the local church (Southeast Christian Church) at the age of 15 – baptized in the Gulf of Mexico at 17 and began a relentless pursuit of the purest desire to (1) Align with the Trinity (2) Walk as Jesus walked (3) Advance His Kingdom. Given His grace poured out over my life, I have deep love for alignment with the Trinity as well as the local church.

I called Southeast Christian Church my church home for ten years before serving as HR Director at SECC. To call one place home for an extended time, to meet Jesus there, to advance His Kingdom and to tangibly see the beauty of “one another”—it was a pure joy and delight.

Southeast is also where I met Life In Abundance. This is another of the good gifts and strategic gifts I received from Him hands!

What drew you to LIA?
While serving in HR at Southeast, I also provided oversight to our Internship Program. In 2008 we were in the process of reworking our internship experience, and wanted to add a missions component. I went to Ben Thornley who serves on the Missions team and simply confessed, “I know very little about missions, models, methods, etc., however the Leadership Team has been prayerful in overhauling the Internship experience and we would like to add a mission trip/mission experience to their year…” Within a matter of minutes Ben cast vision for a healthy missions model and recommended our Interns to see and experience the work of LIA boots-on-the-ground.

In February 2009 we embarked on our maiden voyage of inviting our interns annually to partner with the Lord and the work of LIA in Kenya – to date serving in 3 regions, Thika, Makueni and Kisumu.

The model the Lord has given Dr. Muindi is God-breathed. I’ve served on teams that entered communities that are new early in their transformational partnership with LIA, and I’ve served on teams where LIA is in the process of phasing out. I can testify to communities being transformed, hope being breathed, empowerment, sustainability, and the local church championed and Jesus reigning.


What are you most looking forward to in your role with LIA?
Where do I begin and how do I choose? I look forward to so many things. Firstly, partnering with the Lord as He builds the US team and expands it’s capacity to serve the program staff. Secondly, telling the powerful and evolving story of LIA to those who have emotionally and spiritually invested in the ministry. Thirdly, casting vision and seeing the tent expand for LIA (Isaiah 54:2-3) in new terrain, partnerships, and communities transformed for His name and His renown. Finally, I am looking forward to being led and challenged in partnership by Dr. Muindi, our US Council and International Board – all striving diligently to carry out Christ’s mission to give life in abundance to the most vulnerable.

What do you do other than lead operations for LIA?
Scott and I have just relocated to Jacksonville, FL. This move is what caused my transition from Southeast Christian Church and opened the door for the Lord to present this opportunity with LIA. With deep roots in Louisville, KY this upcoming season will be full of re-rooting in Jacksonville, FL as we call it home; connecting with family in the region, building community, finding a local church. The Lord opened 5,000 doors for Scott and I to make this move…now we’ll root and build!


A Life Changing Cup of Coffee – Kevin Strickland’s Call to Serve with LIA

November 11th, 2014 | Posted by | LIA News | USA


On November 1st Kevin Strickland joined the LIA USA team as the Director of Advancement. He will serve closely with Tom Kemner to maintain and improve relations with our current sustaining partners. He brings over 25 years of experience in fundraising and business development to the team, as well as high performing sales leadership in the banking and nonprofit fields.

This is Kevin’s testimony about how God called him and his family out of the banking profession and into ministry.

God can change your life over a cup of coffee. He did it to me. In fact, my journey to working with Life In Abundance unknowingly began five years ago when I met a friend for coffee. He and I meet regularly to talk and see how God is working in each others’ lives, and provide encouragement along the way, but during one of our regular coffee meetings this friend told me something that changed the course of my life forever.

The night before our meeting, God gave me a vision in my sleep. Although I had never received such a vision before, I knew it was from Him. How else can you explain opening your eyes in the middle of the night, staring at your ceiling seeing a spinning globe covered with dots?! Each dot represented a mission, a work, a life changed. I could hear clearly the words, “Help my people! Help my people!” ringing in my ears. The next morning, as my friend and I began to talk, out of nowhere he began to describe a vision God had given him, which was exactly the same as the one I had had the night before. I felt a chill come across my body and found it hard to describe the details of my very similar vision. I knew then and there that my life would change, I just didn’t know how much.

Born the youngest of four children in Tallahassee, Florida to a father who was a banker for over forty years, banking was all I knew. My brother and sister became bankers, I worked in a bank at age fourteen and eventually became a banker myself. Now, being a banker doesn’t mean God can’t call you, but He had to unwrap a lot of my layers to bring me into my real inheritance.

You see, I received Jesus when I was fourteen and when to a little Methodist Church, but church on Sunday was more of a planned activity, like bowling. It never occurred to me while growing up, and getting married, and having kids, that God would choose me, and then fit me, for something more.

I was great at being a banker. I pretty much had it all. But then I lost it all… almost. At the point where my wife and kids were nearly lost to me, God spoke and rescued my marriage, my family, my life. He reached downs and plucked me out of the net that the enemy had set for me. I was humbled, but He still had more layers to work through, and that’s when He sent me the vision and began calling to me, “Help my people!”


I felt the need to quit what I was doing, but I didn’t know how to leave my security behind. I had harbored a desire to leave the banking world and work with nonprofit organizations ever since I had worked with my first one back in 2000. I felt a calling God placed on my heart to serve with one, so I got a step closer and began my own consulting company called Sales Forward to help banks build effective sales processes for growing revenue with business owners. Then I began a second business which used this expertise to help nonprofits build development processes. I was getting closer, but had not fully surrendered to the idea of stepping away from all that I knew.

Early in 2014 I finally made a decision to quit my job without a safety net because I knew I was in God’s timing and calling. I thought it would be really easy with all my connections to get a job within one or two months, but every door I tried to walk through was slammed in my face. I went through ten months of praying, yelling, studying, and shaking my fist at the heavens. I felt like I was Moses, waiting in the wilderness. Opportunity after opportunity was closed to me. Thankfully my wife was very supportive through this time.

Finally I surrendered and said “Whatever You want!” Our God is so loving. He brought back a contact I did not think was for me, and that was with Life In Abundance. When my wife and I met with Dr. Muindi and Tom in Atlanta we had such a great peace! I knew that all of my other pursuits led me to this point, and God had brought me to what I’ve been seeking out for over a decade.

Now I understand exactly what that vision represented. God called me to serve Him through serving “the least of these.” I knew He had a purpose and plan for my life and I’m so incredibly humbled and grateful to serve Christ at LIA.

God can say a lot while you’re drinking coffee, if you listen. I can’t wait to see what He has in store!

Read more about other LIA leadership.

GMHC Africa: Shared Learning for Local Impact

September 18th, 2014 | Posted by | Home Page | Events | LIA News | Events | Home Page | Health | Kenya | Healthcare | Kenya | Uncategorized | USA


The forecast had called for clear skies and bright Nairobi sunshine for the second annual GMHC: Africa. Instead, the first day was ushered in by gloomy clouds and drizzling rain. However, as people started to file in through the registration hall, shaking off their umbrellas, their moods were clearly not dampened.

GMHC:Africa 2014 was held at Nairobi’s All Saints Cathedral, a quite enclave just outside the bustling city center, from September 4th-6th. The main conference was held on the 4th and the 5th, with about 350 delegates, from healthcare and development professions, from across Africa and around the world in attendance. The theme of the conference was “Shared Learning for Local Impact,” and there was no shortage of phenomenal individuals to learn from. The stain glass windows of the Cathedral and the imposing stone structure reminiscent of a medieval castle, with beautiful hanging chandeliers and the sky painted ceilings set the mood for an intimate time of learning and fellowship that all the delegates were excited to be a part of.

As attendees began arriving for registration, warm smiles could be seen all around and yelps of excitement heard from one corner to the next, as friends who hadn’t seen each other in some time were catching up and getting reacquainted. The beautiful Cathedral quickly became a beehive of activity.

Dr. Jo Lusi, an orthopedic surgeon who serves in the war torn region of Eastern Congo, where has successfully pioneered a holistic healing program through his ministry – HEAL Africa, opened the conference as the first plenary speaker. Having served as a Senator, Dr. Lusi has used both his testimony as a Christian and the credibility of his vocation to advocate for the needs of women children and handicapped.


GMHC, he says, “not only serves as an opportunity for people with shared objectives to network and exchange ideas, it also allows us to come together and remember, as doctors, we are not only meant to treat the body but treat the soul”. For to do otherwise, he says, makes you the same or no more than a witch doctor.

Many breakout sessions, times of worship, and meals were shared over the two days of the conference, and a great deal of meaningful connection and learning took place. Especially timely, and helpful, was a session taught by an Ebola specialist about the disease and how the doctors and students in attendance could prepare to treat the disease.

Dr. Carol SpearsPaster Simon (Right)

September 6th was the student’s emphasis day, where medical students from all over Kenya, and as far and Tanzania, came together to explore the idea of committing one’s self in service of the Lord through occupation. There were breakout sessions lead by Pastor Simon Mbevi (popularly known as Pastor S) discussing the purpose of life, and Dr. Carol Spears discussing the attributes of a Christian doctor, among others. So much meaningful and deep discussion had taken place during these sessions, that when Jason Epperson, a pastor at South East Christian Church in Louisville Kentucky, closed the day by making an alter call for the students who would like to commit themselves to medical missions, almost every seat in the sanctuary was emptied.


“This is what we do it for” says Dr. Florence, founder and president of LIA International. “This is why we have conferences like this. To empower and commission the next generation to take their place in development, and in the medical field, to make Africa what Christ intends it to be.”

Plans for future Global Health Missions Conferences and related events can be seen on MedicalMissions.com, and are announced on LIA’s website.

Hot Off the Presses: 2013 Annual Report

July 16th, 2014 | Posted by | Home Page | General | Home Page | Home Page | Learn | LIA News | USA

2013 annual report cover

Want to learn about the tremendous progress that God enabled for LIA last year? Here’s just a glance:

Last year:
  • LIA partnered with more than 120 churches
  • 47,000 people were served directly by those local church partners, not including       their families and the greater community that benefited
  • 1,791 people received business and skills training to empower them to provide       for their families
  • 464 received micro-loans
  • 715 people started their own businesses
  • In Djibouti, specifically, 16 women were providing for their families in a culture       that was previously unaccepting of women business owners
  • 19,191 people were served through integrated, church-led community               health programs
  • LIA helped implement orphaned and vulnerable children programs in seven countries, benefiting nearly 6,400 youth and their families
  • Nearly 4,000 youth received education services in varying ways
  • 10,000 were evangelized, 600 known to receive Christ and 200 new believers      were discipled

Read the full 2013 Annual Report now
to learn more, see some of the beautiful faces of those served and learn why some of our partners choose to walk alongside LIA.

This work would not be possible without your support. On behalf of all LIA, our local church partners, and the people they serve, thank you!

Guest Post: Kibera Medical Clinic

June 9th, 2014 | Posted by | Home Page | Kenya | LIA News | USA

mi2 interns with Kibera pastors

Ana Lossing is one of LIA’s 2014 Mi2 interns, serving with us for three months in Kenya. Mi2 is a global internship program offering college students a unique three month experience of real-life missions and development in healthy and effective missions models.

Yesterday, we visited the medical clinic at Kibera slum, outside of Nairobi. Kibera is the largest slum in Africa, and possibly the largest in the world. At the clinic, they have Mother and Child Healthcare, a general medical clinic, a pharmacy, a lab, and dental services. The offer their services at a very minimum price, so the people in Kibera can afford it, but it can still be self-sustaining.

Life in Abundance (LIA) helps manage this clinic and partners with 13 pastors (4 of whom are pictured above) from Kibera to help holistically transform their communities.
How do they do this? LIA mainly works by mobilizing the local church, so these pastors are the ground people for this ministry. The pastors know their communities and the needs, so LIA works with them to help develop programs, and LIA equips them to mobilize their communities as well as their local resources in order to transform their own communities.

For example, one of the main projects in Kibera is the shoe project. The leaders in the church identified individuals that would benefit from this economic opportunity, and LIA, in partnership with the churches, brought in a person to train these individuals in shoe-making and helped connect the Kibera communities to where they could obtain the supplies. Now these individuals, and others that were taught by the first group of individuals, have expanded this opportunity, using the skills they learned to make many different kinds of products to sell.

Carole (who we work with at LIA) told us of one woman in Kibera who was caring for her 3 grandchildren. Not only was she living in poverty, but she suffered both emotionally and psychologically after losing her 3 children. She was identified by her church as someone who could benefit from this shoe project. In the beginning, she would not talk to anyone; she would come and do her work and then leave. But after just 2 weeks in this program, she began to talk to people; she was happier. She is now a successful business woman, and is even wealthy enough to move out of Kibera, but she has chosen to stay because she loves her community.

This is the kind of transformation that LIA works for: transformation of the whole person, of the whole community. And they want the community to own that transformation, to know that they were behind the renewal of their community. Furthermore, they want the local church to be returned to it’s rightful place, the place it was intended to be, of being the engine behind community renewal and restoration, so that through his bride, Christ is glorified.

Please pray for a dental assistant, software that will allow easier recording of pharmacy services, and the ability to offer child delivery at the clinic.

New Container Clinic in Kibera

May 13th, 2014 | Posted by | Home Page | Health | Kenya | Healthcare | Home Page | Kenya | Kenya | Kenya Blog | Kibera | LIA News | Home Page | Serve | USA

Completed Clinic with Team

Last week, the team from Homes of Living Hope visited LIA in Kenya to help install the new clinic that will serve the Kibera slum community. This new clinic is made from a shipping container (like the ones you see in the photo below) and will now allow LIA’s local church partners to serve even MORE people form this hurting community. What a blessing it was to see this in action last week, and what an even bigger blessing this gift will be to the people we serve. Thank you Homes of Living Hope for partnering with us in this Kingdom work!

Below is a quick recap video, as well as some photos from the installation process.







Why I Support LIA – Dennis and Kristen

April 23rd, 2014 | Posted by | Home Page | General | Home Page | Jamaica | LIA News | USA

In 2012, Dennis and Kristen were invited to sponsor a LIA benefit dinner being co-hosted by one of Dennis’ employees in the Kansas City-area. That was their first entré into serving with LIA. In 2013, they visited LIA Jamaica and were called to walk alongside LIA ever since.

When asked why they’ve chosen to partner with LIA, they said:

“LIA has a very compelling approach to serving the ‘least of these’.  Over the years we have had many opportunities to help people in need, both locally and globally. The interesting thing we have found is that no matter the amount of help the problems still existing and in some cases were worse after our help. LIA has recognized the reason for this dilemma is the root of the problem has not been addressed. The root cause of poverty and/or need is a relationship with Jesus Christ! True health and healing can only occur in the context of a right relationship with Jesus.

LIA is able to serve the basic physical needs of the people in a way that helps restore their dignity and develops a relationship with Jesus. This occurs in direct partnership with the local churches and a well developed system of accountability. The benefit to this approach is that LIA can establish a work in a community and when they leave the local church and it’s members are able to continue serving the community and developing disciples.

We are very pleased with the results LIA can provide using a simple approach. Helping people help themselves. The results are more consistent and last longer.”