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Shelter for the Weary In Somalia

June 20th, 2012 | Posted by | Home Page | Health | Home Page | Horn of Africa | Horn of Africa | Somalia

Somali refugee camp with tarps

Somalia is a country that faces some of the most dynamic struggles today. Daily, they encounter political, religious and illegal conflict. Thousands of people flee their homes and end up in refugee camps – communities of make-shift shelters and people who are equally broken. To make matters worse, these people face extreme weather contrasts from the heat of the desert landscape to the extreme rainy seasons. Lack of food and clean water quickly lead to decreased health in these communities.

In speaking with the local leaders* and government officials in one particular Somalia community where LIA serves, it was soon realized that in order to implement any sustainable development initiatives, basic, pressing needs must be met for these people. Through conversations with local leaders and observations of current living conditions, it was clear that shelter – the kind that would protect them from rain and other environmental factors – was critical.