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Creative Talents of LIA Board Member Recognized

February 25th, 2010 | Posted by | Home Page | General | Home Page | Kenya | Kenya Blog | Home Page | Learn

On Monday, HOW Magazine, a publication dedicated to providing graphic-design professionals with the essentials in their field, took the time to showcase our very special friend, board member, and Principle of Rule29 Design, Justin Ahrens.

In this featured interview, Justin is asked a myriad of questions ranging from his source of inspiration to his ability to maintain balance in his professional and personal life.

We became excited when HOW extended their interview with Justin to discuss his involvement with LIA!

Justin stated, “One of our missions at Rule29 is to be involved in our community. Both locally and globally when possible. Through a crazy chain of events I felt like Africa was somewhere we should go, and before I knew it I was visiting the slums. When I met LIA I fell in love with their model. They work to change communities with a sustainable wholistic approach.

Justin has made a tremendous personal and professional investment in the work of LIA. He has seen and served in many of our the communities and was a key member of the “This Is My Home” documentary team in May of 2009. We are so grateful to Justin and the entire Rule29 team for their creativity, professionalism and overall heart for the mission and vision of LIA.

Justin and his crew will be heading back to Kenya shortly to begin work on another film, this time focusing on church-led micro-enterprise activities taking place in slums of Nairobi, Kenya.

To learn more, we encourage you to read Justin’s interview here.

Praying for Sudan: Update

February 12th, 2010 | Posted by | Home Page | Home Page | Learn | Sudan | Sudan Blog | Rumbek | Sudan | Sudan Blog

The future of Sudan is uncertain as election is coming in April 2010 and Referendum in January 2011. As we look forward to the election in April, we are soliciting you, our partners, to pray for peace and stability in Africa’s largest (geographically speaking) country.

At the same time, we want to keep you informed with the details and information that are relevant to the situation in Sudan. In an article by BBC entitled Critical Year Ahead for Sudan Amid Fears of War, we are further reminded of the serious situation facing this vast country.

This article serves as a great introduction to some of the complexities facing Sudan throughout this election season. The war that pitted north against south Sudan had a death toll around 2 million people and another 4 million were forced into exile (internally displaced).

There are various opinions held regarding the impact that the election time will have on the Comprehensive Peace Agreement.  Though some believe that this agreement will hold throughout the coming months there is also a great potential for disruption and tension to arise.

We encourage you to take a look at the article and follow the news regarding this monumental time in Sudan’s history.

LIA has ongoing wholistic community development activities in both north sudan and south sudan (See Rumbek in our Annual report, pg. 12)

Please continue to lift up our brothers and sisters in Sudan in prayer.

Pray for the stability of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement, keeping Sudan on a road to development and a peaceful future.

We are so grateful for our broad and vast LIA community in which we can join together to pray and support the people of Sudan.

My thy Kingdom come, and thy will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven.

Church Transformation: Kara Kore Presbyterian

February 2nd, 2010 | Posted by | Ethiopia | Ethiopia Blog | Addis Ababa | Home Page | Children | Ethiopia | Ethiopia Blog | Home Page | HIV/AIDS | Home Page | Home Page | Micro-Enterprise

The last of our church transformation stories from Ethiopia comes from Kara Kore Presbyterian, another church that is meeting the needs of the Addis Ababa community.

Kara Kore Presbyterian Church
Community: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Having been a partner church with us since July 2006, Kara Kore Presbyterian has been able to reach their community using health education, access to organized saving and credit associations, and awareness teachings on micro finance, and sanitation.

The initial schooling provided through the church began in 2000 as an informal school seeking to teach the English and Amharic alphabets to more than 30 children.  This school has since evolved to provide formal education to over 338 vulnerable children coming from families experiencing extreme poverty.  This system allows children to receive an education while protecting them from having to look for low level work which could lead to exploitation because of their age and situation.

Social Services:
The church has also been able to provide for those that have been ostracized by their community due to diseases such as HIV/AIDS.  Through the church many have been able to receive supplementary food, house rent coverage, and medication.

Consistent with other churches, a volunteer with experience in entrepreneurship offers training sessions to prepare beneficiaries for effective loan usage and management.  Businesses that have been generated through these loans include: injera making, poultry selling, and sewing.

As we conclude our series regarding the transformation taking place through the work of some of our partnered churches in Ethiopia, it is our hope that the stories have been both encouraging and inspiring offering a glimpse into the work you have helped empower.